Welcome to the Fundamentals of Electricity course. This course will guide you through some material on basic electrical concepts before you learn about the purpose and function of products manufactured by Schneider Electric.

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Schneider Electric Catalogues

A major objective of this program is to assist you in the use of the Schneider Electric catalogues; product catalogues that are available in both book and electronic format.

Detailed product information can be found in the specific product catalogues.

Benefits of the Electronic Catalogues

Both forms of the Catalogues will support you in providing product solutions for our customers.

The electronic Catalogues provide you with many advantages:

  1. Portability
  2. Price Lists
  3. Approval Drawings

Although reasonable care has been taken in preparing this material and to provide accurate information, Schneider Electric assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, and no liability for any consequences or damages (whether direct, indirect or consequential) resulting from its use. The information included in this material is also subject to change without notice. Information regarding updates may be obtained by contacting the Schneider Training Institute at Schneider Electric, 19 Waterman Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4B 1Y2.

Users are cautioned that electrical equipment should be installed and serviced only by qualified electrical professionals. We also strongly recommend that competent professional advice or expert technical assistance be obtained regarding specific applications.


Fundamentals of Electricity
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